I’ve found a great ally in Align Hypnosis, its given me back control over my life instead of my food and cravings controlling me. Onward and upward. Thanks guys.
Gail K.
Wendell, MA

I visited you for three session of hypnosis for weight loss and eating  
habits that were out of control.
My visits in October were comfortable and uplifting. Just like being  
in my recliner at home in my living room.
You taught me that the power is in me and that you were my guide.
You helped me get my cravings under control and feel the energy of every day.
I am still a work in progress but I have the power from inside me and  
around me to keep this going
I was in a size 10-12 in October before I met with you. I am already,  
one month later. in a size 6-8.
I can see and feel my size 4 coming soon!!
When I take my little Pekinese for a walk 2-3 times a day, I open my  
arms to the light or stars of the sky and thank you and god for how  
wonderful my life is.
Thank you so much for guiding me.
Happy thanksgiving!

Love Ann E.

I have good news that I wanted to share with you. I 
sneaked-a-peek at the scale today, and I'm at 195 !!!! Five lbs. below 
my goal, and 45 lbs. from where I started in Nov.,2014 !! And we just got back 
from the store where I purchased 3 pair of Cargo shorts for the 
approaching spring season, and I got them in size "34" which was the 
rest of my goal. And I'm proud to say they fit VERY nicely!!!
    Pat has not lost as quickly as I have, but she has "stayed the course" and 
continues to lose, and frequently makes comments about how much better she feels!! 
And everyone we know compliments her as her loss really shows!!
    We very much enjoy the eating plan and have no problem adapting it 
to any situation. (I can even manage healthy meals while traveling)
    Granted, we did the work to get where we are, but your help has 
definitely made the journey much easier. 

Thank you again SO much !!!
Dennis P. 
Palmer, MA
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