Welcome to the Maintenance Phase of your Journey.


If you have clicked this TAB -CONGRATULATIONS! you have achieved your weight loss goals.


Now, there is nothing you can’t have !! The food can't have YOU!!!


By following these instructions, you CAN and you WILL maintain your weight loss. There is no reason or excuse for you to Yo-yo with your weight- going up and down. Each of us deserves to be our true essential selves. Again, you did it!


It is especially important that you follow these instructions EXACTLY!  Make your plan and stick with it.


You are allowed 2-days a week to enjoy 1 or 2 things you love to eat that has NOT been a part of your weight loss journey.

It is important that you know what days in advance that you will be adding those 1 or 2 things you enjoy eating. Planning and Consistency.  DO NOT VARY THOSE DAYS!  This way, when you want something extra you can look forward to that specific day where You CAN have that special treat, instead of saying I CAN’T…


Just tell yourself... I am really looking forward to eating “that” on Saturday (or your specifically chosen day).


I suggest Tuesday and Saturday. This puts healthy space between eating That Something Special and maintaining your healthy eating style that you have worked so hard for achieving. This way you will not wake the beast!  Those beastly cravings that start to pull you down that low road. STICK to the plan and you will be in control of that beast, and it will not be in control of you.



If you are going on a vacation and you are choosing to loosen the rules of your normal eating plan and you are concerned about restrictions, it is a good idea to self-hypnotize daily. Begin the self-hypnosis 2-weeks prior to your journey. Meditate and know that the day you are home YOU WILL be back on that plan.


Please feel free to call the office 413-758-1949 and speak with our highly trained staff with any questions. We are here for you as you continue your journey into the future of balance and control!


You own your success, now, keep it there.


Shine on,

Donna Lee Honeywell CI, BCH, CCH

SUPPORT LINE - 413-221-5136