Hypnosis for Anxiety / Depression

Each of us responds to anxiety, depression and stress in different ways. At Align Hypnosis, we help each person navigate a safe alternative to managing these symptoms through hypnosis techniques. Using breathing techniques and hypnotic suggestions, hypnosis has proven a tremendous relief to those suffering from anxiety, depression and stress. Each person is treated individually so that the hypnotist can focus on a plan specific to that person.

Our support doesn’t end after 3 sessions. We offer a Free Monthly Support Group which encourages our clients to manage and maintain the techniques they have learned to stay the course.

Please contact team@alignhypnosis.com or call 413-758-1949 for special pricing

  • Align Hypnosis

    “I find the hypnosis experience extremely relaxing and seems to release me of my anxiety. Donnalee offers a very personalized experience and I highly recommend you giving it a try. Prices are very reasonable as well.”

  • Align Hypnosis


    Hypnotherapy with Donna Lee provided me a sense of calm and normalcy. She also provided me with the tools to remember to breathe and to allow the experience to open me up to the possibility of renewal. The choice for moving forward now becomes mine.”

  • Align Hypnosis

    “The best thing I have ever done for myself!!! My anxiety was keeping me from functioning on an everyday level. I am uncomfortable around doctor's and did not want to go on more medicine. Calling Donna and just talking on the phone I knew I was in good hands. After 3 sessions I am calm and my thinking is clear. Donna gave me the tools I need to stay ahead of my anxiety. Thank you Donna ❤️”