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FREE Monthly Support Group
(For Clients Only)

Align Hypnosis is committed to each and every client's success. Each client’s journey may travel a long road or have reached their destination, yet, we all need a helping hand at times.  Supporting our clients with a Free Monthly Support Group is the personal commitment of Donna Lee Honeywell and all the hypnotists at Align Hypnosis.

Each month, there is a unique topic and then a group hypnosis to encourage and support clients to maintain and continue with their personal journeys. This Free Monthly Support Group is not geared to one type of service, rather it supports all services that you have experienced at Align Hypnosis.           

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FREE Weight Loss Support Line

(15 Minute Call for Existing Clients)

Existing clients who have completed the weight loss series are invited to take advantage of our weight loss support program. As Donna Lee Honeywell always says, “Once you finish the weight loss series the real work begins.”

Align Hypnosis also offers a Free Weight Loss Support Call Center. After a client completes their weight loss series, they still are supported with access to the weight loss support line. This service provides tips and tricks to stay on track and keys into fitness and nutrition.