Weight loss                                                                  Smoking Cessation

  Losing weight through hypnosis is not like                   We offer an intensive smoking cessation

  any diet you have ever tried. We help you                   program. In most cases, our patients quit

  re-wire your mind to get rid of your cravings                smoking after one or two sessions for good.  

  and guide you towards healthy food choices.              While smokers know that smoking is very

  We offer a lifestyle change that you will                       harmful to the body, they often can't kick their

  welcome and retain once your journey                        habit due to addiction. Our clients tell us how

  is underway.                                                                 easy it was to quit once they set their re-wired 

                                                                                       mind to the task. Using hypnosis to quit

                                                                                       smoking is more successful than many methods

                                                                                       because it goes to the root of the addiction---

                                                                                       the mind.

  Stress/Anxiety Reduction & Phobias                            Sports Hypnosis

  Align Hypnosis can help patients handle a                   Hypnosis can be used to improve sports

  variety of other problems and situations                       performance and enhance your competitive

  through hypnosis. With hypnosis, we are                     edge through improved focus and 

  able to speak to your subconscious mind---                 concentration.

  that part of your mind that controls your

  triggers and fears. Through hypnosis, you

  will be able to live your life free of the stress

  and phobias now controlling you. We strive

  to help improve each person's quality of life. 

  Hypnosis for Grief                                                         Hypnosis for Childbirth

  Many people struggle to overcome feelings                  (Description to come)

  of loss. The massive grief and life-changing

  trauma of losing a loved one can be

  overwhelming. Ignoring or burying the pain

  does not lessen it. Grieving is a process that

  allows us, through time, to deal with loss.

  By addressing our grief, we begin to heal and

  free ourselves from the deep-seated feelings

  of heartache and depression.

  If you and your loved one are finding it difficult

  to cope with bereavement, Align Hypnosis

  can help. We can help you gain perspective

  and orient you to the steps of the grieving

  process. You are not alone. Hypnotherapy

  can give you positive suggestion to cope with

  depression, anxiety, deep sadness, insomnia

  and other symptoms of grieving. We can help

  to reduce the feelings of guilt and blame

  and help you to find the way forward.

  Align Hypnosis offers Hypnotherapy for Grief

  in individual or small group settings.

  Please contact us for a free consultation.

  We can help.