September Meditation: Welcome, Fall

Right now we're getting ready for a change of season. Our beautiful fantastic summer is coming to an end. Many people, many people mourn the passing of the summer. A common prescription for the Fall funk is often to abuse our body with sugars and hot chocolates, pumpkin pies and spices associated with the seasons and holidays. That seems to be how we find comfort.

I offer a different perspective. There are many many wonderful plus sides of the fall season. But it can really be difficult to see …

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The Long Winter’s Nap Meditation

The Long Winter’s Nap

When the days get shorter and the nights get long, do you find yourself turning inward? To Hide away. Hibernate. Seeking Rest - Calming, Deep Relaxing Sleep. The Long Winter’s Nap.

There are times, when we all need stillness. We need to find Silence. We need to separate from the rhythm of our daily lives and find peace. Winter is upon us. Curl up in your cozy spot. Be warm and safe, waiting for the long night to end and the light to return. Unhurried, snug, sheltered away…

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The Discipline of Gratitude Meditation

The Discipline of Gratitude

Thank you. It’s that simple.

Thank you for taking a moment from your busy day.

Thank you for noticing.

Thank you for caring.

Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness - we feel it when we receive kindness of others - in whatever form: gifts, help, favors, or generosity of spirit. And that moment of gratitude cascades
into more and more positive emotions. Gratitude helps us to relish our experiences and to truly savor the moment.

On the path to self realization, in ou…

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