September Meditation: Welcome, Fall

Right now we're getting ready for a change of season. Our beautiful fantastic summer is coming to an end. Many people, many people mourn the passing of the summer. A common prescription for the Fall funk is often to abuse our body with sugars and hot chocolates, pumpkin pies and spices associated with the seasons and holidays. That seems to be how we find comfort.

I offer a different perspective. There are many many wonderful plus sides of the fall season. But it can really be difficult to see …

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August Meditation - Your Circadian Rhythm

Today we're going to take a moment to explore our circadian rhythm and the effect it has on our health the effect it has on our overall wellness. The fact is, creating habits for health and wellness can be daunting. However, establishing a daily routine can help to connect our bodies to the rhythms of nature. And when we establish and maintain daily routines, we experience a myriad of health benefits. It can enhance our cognitive functioning and balance our moods. It can aid in overcoming daytim…

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July Meditation - Sacred Summer

Today I bring you our July meditation in hopes that you will just take this brief meditation today and think about these words reconnect to what really matters, we live in a world of such utter chaos. Let's move away from that right now. And I want to begin by reminding you that this day this very moment is yours it is yours to shape it is yours to create and yours to experience own it

It is summer, sacred summer. Long days where time stands still and yet all around you the world is very very b…

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Sacred Summer Meditation

Take this brief moment to reconnect with what really matters. Amidst the chaos of our world, let's step away from it for now.

Remember, this day, this very moment, is yours to shape, create, and experience. Own it. Start by stepping outside, allowing your face to smile, and embracing the beauty around you. Summer is here, a sacred season of long days where time stands still. Amidst the busyness, take a moment to feel the world of green and blue, a world of colors, shapes, and designs.

Just sto…

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Celebrating The Song Of Summer

Now summer is in flower and natures hum is never silent...

In his “Shepards Calendar”, Poet John Clare recalls that buzzing song of a summer day: “The green wood fly and the blossom painting bee are never weary of their melody...”

Today, I invite you to celebrate the song of summer, for natures hum is never silent. Where do you hear it? From the early morning calling birds? the june bugs on the screen? the rippling of a brook?

It is summer. In the yard, baby bunnies munch on new grass…

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May Meditation: Plant Your Garden

It's a time to reconnect to the earth to yourself. I remind you as you enter a state of stillness to simply breathe. How blessed are we to breathe to live. So feel it. Feel the sensations of those breaths. Feel how your body responds to each and every breath. Feel your clothing brushing up against your skin. As your chest rises and falls, feel your ribcage open expand as you breathe in to allow your lungs to fill with precious air.
Feel the release as you exhale. Become hyper aware of what you ar…

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Gentle Spring Meditation

I bring to you today a meditation for the beautiful month of April (you can listen below):

As you prepare for this meditation, please do just that. Prepare. Take time, get outside of the chaos around you work your day to day life. This is only a precious moment of time that can rejuvenate our souls lift our spirits and allow us to prepare for the coming months. April is a time to get ready for Summer.

Spring rain falling until the ground is saturated. Just stop for a moment. Soak it in. The sp…

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Spring - Awaken Your Senses Meditation

As we get ready to change from winter to spring, I wonder what is the first thing you notice?

The initial signs of spring may be subtle. The sunrise is a little earlier and climbs a little higher into the sky. But then I look to the tree line. I see the slight orange and red thickening of the first heart buds along a melt off runnel in the woods. The skunk cabbage emerges fully formed from under the snow at a still half frozen vernal pool. I hear that duck like croaking of the wood frog. And th…

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The Long Winter’s Nap Meditation

The Long Winter’s Nap

When the days get shorter and the nights get long, do you find yourself turning inward? To Hide away. Hibernate. Seeking Rest - Calming, Deep Relaxing Sleep. The Long Winter’s Nap.

There are times, when we all need stillness. We need to find Silence. We need to separate from the rhythm of our daily lives and find peace. Winter is upon us. Curl up in your cozy spot. Be warm and safe, waiting for the long night to end and the light to return. Unhurried, snug, sheltered away…

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The Discipline of Gratitude Meditation

The Discipline of Gratitude

Thank you. It’s that simple.

Thank you for taking a moment from your busy day.

Thank you for noticing.

Thank you for caring.

Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness - we feel it when we receive kindness of others - in whatever form: gifts, help, favors, or generosity of spirit. And that moment of gratitude cascades
into more and more positive emotions. Gratitude helps us to relish our experiences and to truly savor the moment.

On the path to self realization, in ou…

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