Instructions for the losing phase of your journey:

From now until your third session, follow these instructions.  At the time of  your third appointment, we can discuss additional long-term dietary recommendations for health and maintenance.  If you have any questions, please call/text 413-758-1949.  Please stay safe and healthy.  We do not check email, text or voicemail weekends but will respond  in a timely manner.

HERE is Your Plan:


You will drink 6 to 8 bottles of water daily or 12 glasses at 10oz to 12oz each.

Again, the body knows what it needs.  Listen to your BODY!  Eat only when the body is hungry.  STOP giving the body what it does not need.

MEATS AND VEGETABLES ONLY.  PREFERABLY MORE MEAT THAN VEGETABLE.  NO WHITE POTATO, NO SWEET POTATO.  NO FRUIT, NO ADDED SUGAR: Stay away from all added sweeteners.  No fake sweeteners, no real sweeteners!!  No sweet at all. (Don't read labels.  Just stay with the obvious).

You ARE allowed the following FRUITS ONLY: Tomato, Lemon & Lime.


Stay with REAL foods only.  Connect to what you eat - spend time in the preparation.

SALT: Do NOT use WHITE salt.  It is toxic.  Go with Pink Himalayan Salt.  This does not increase blood pressure, it assists in avoiding constipation and it tastes good!

DAIRY: Minimize your dairy.  Enjoy REAL heavy cream with your coffee or tea - not half and half.  Use Whole Milk, not 1%, not 2%.

REAL BUTTER.  Butter made from animal milk.  No substitutes.