Regression Therapy Session

Regression Therapy is incredibly personal. The focus of regression therapy is to discover and more specifically uncover events, issues, memories from your past that may be impacting or influencing your current mental and physical behaviors and state of being.

There are two types of Regression Therapy: Age Regression and Past Life Regression. The most common is Age Regression Therapy which focuses on your childhood and the events that shaped you. Often what happens when we are children influences our behaviors and choices today. Past Life Regression Therapy is to help you resolve issues from your past lives.

At Align Hypnosis, we schedule 3 sessions in Regression Therapy. We create a safe and supported space for you so that the experience provides you with the answers you need.

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    Hypnotherapy with Donna Lee provided me a sense of calm and normalcy. She also provided me with the tools to remember to breathe and to allow the experience to open me up to the possibility of renewal. The choice for moving forward now becomes mine.”

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    “Wonderful experience! Donna is warm, genuine, caring and it's very obvious she cares most about her clients' needs and success.”