Hypnosis for Sleep Disorders

Sleep! Tossing and Turning! Up all night wishing you could just close your eyes and sleep for even a little while. Hypnosis is a remarkable tool to help you sleep. Using breathing techniques and positive suggestions, we guide you to a restful state that carries over into your nights or your sleep “shift”.

We schedule 3 sessions in our sleep disorder series and once completed we invite our clients to join our Free Monthly Group Hypnosis to support them as they continue their restful journey.

Please contact team@alignhypnosis.com or call 413-758-1949 for special pricing

  • Align Hypnosis

    “I have had severe insomnia for over 20 years. In just 10 months, I now get 6 to 7 hours a night. The program works, so give it a shot. I'm also starting on the weight loss program. Thank you so much Donna Lee. You have changed my life.”