Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Losing Weight through hypnosis is not like any diet you have ever tried. Whether you are an emotional eater,( stress, anxiety, boredom, loneliness, depression) or have physical limitations, the most powerful element for change is your mind.

Hypnosis helps you rewire your mind to stay motivated, get rid of your cravings and guide you towards healthy food choices, exercise and mindfulness . We offer a lifestyle change that you will welcome and retain once your journey is underway.

At Align Hypnosis, we schedule three sessions in a weight loss series over a four week period. These sessions are informative and instrumental in changing your eating habits.

Once you complete the series, Align Hypnosis remains part of your journey with offering a Free Virtual Monthly Group Hypnosis as a means to support you and encourage you to stay on your healthy path.


Adult Private Sessions:

Adult Group Sessions: 


Young people struggle with weight. We are in a world of fast food, picky eaters and snacking instead of healthy meals. Young people also live in a social media world where everything about them or their friends is displayed everywhere. Bullying and teasing have pushed young people underground where they eat and hide their feelings.

At Align Hypnosis, we have created a program where young people can live, eat and be themselves with confidence. Using breathing techniques, self-acceptance and powerful, positive hypnosis suggestions, young people have the tools to achieve their healthy weight goals. We have also incorporated an exercise program where each young person is included and supported. This is a No-Judgment Zone

Youth Private Sessions:

Youth Group Sessions:

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    "I have energy, am healthy, look great and have gotten off blood pressure meds. Have never been happier with my life. Monthly meetings are helpful and you realize you are not alone in your quest for making yourself healthier and better. Thank you, Donna."”

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    "I was invited to begin a program for weight loss through Hypnotism...I started with Donna Lee in the middle of June, it is now the end of July...15 days of June, 30 days of July, and I'm down 52.2 lbs. I have another session tomorrow and I can't wait. I will be adding to this over the next two years...my goal is to rid myself of 179 lbs. (126.8 to go!!)"”

  • Align Hypnosis

    “​Found Donna online, called her...made an appointment. I needed to lose 70 lbs. Went to her 3 times ...lost 76 lbs. in 8 months!!

    Can't say enough to thank you!! I feel great! Sometimes I cheat and start to gain. Before it gets too easy to keep eating I get myself back in the park, remembering what I learned from Donna. Thanks again- You're the Best!!”

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    “Wonderful experience! Donna is warm, genuine, caring and it's very obvious she cares most about her clients' needs and success over money or fame. After experiencing the difference between Align Hypnosis and a different hypnosis program that will remain unnamed, I can't speak enough to how much more empowered and slated for long term success I feel with Align. From the monthly check-in zoom group to the constantly access to the help line, I don't feel anxious for transitioning to the maintenance versus shedding stage like I was before!!”

  • Align Hypnosis

    “Donna Lee Honeywell at Align Hypnosis and her support staff are great! I love that Donna has monthly complimentary support virtual calls every third Tuesday each month! Donna takes the time to get to know your concerns and has a counselor, Carolyn to call if you have food choice questions or just some TLC. She also has a consult for physical exercise regimen that can augment your progress. Enjoy your journey into physical mental emotional and spiritual health. Align Hypnosis cares about YoU and your success!”