Welcome to Align Hypnosis.

Here, we invite you to imagine yourself—the perfect you—then we work with you to make that dream a reality.

Whatever the perfect you looks like, we can help you become that person through our hypnosis and hypnotherapy programs targeting:

  • Weight loss
  • Smoking cessation
  • Overcoming phobias
  • Reducing anxiety
  • And other quality-of-life issues that may be preventing you from
    achieving your full potential.

We know the true you is in there. Sometimes it’s hiding, waiting just beneath the surface in your subconscious to be freed and come to life.

With our years of combined experience helping hundreds of people discover their potential, we can guide you and give you the key, using proven hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques, to clear away obstacles, open doors, and enable your true, perfect self to shine through.

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Our Philosophy

At Align Hypnosis, we specialize in hypnotherapy programs that endure. We believe in teaching our clients how to keep themselves aligned and at their best long after we’ve finished working together. Repeat customers are not our goal! Rather, our customers take with them the lasting knowledge, awareness and ability to maintain their improved lives forever.

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