The Discipline of Gratitude Meditation


The Discipline of Gratitude

Thank you. It’s that simple.

Thank you for taking a moment from your busy day.

Thank you for noticing.

Thank you for caring.

Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness - we feel it when we receive kindness of others - in whatever form: gifts, help, favors, or generosity of spirit. And that moment of gratitude cascades
into more and more positive emotions. Gratitude helps us to relish our experiences and to truly savor the moment.

On the path to self realization, in our search for a deeper connection in our lives and in our world, practicing the Discipline of Gratitude has many benefits. Deliberately take the time to
notice and reflect about the things that make you thankful and you will find that you feel more alive. You are present in the moment. With practice, you find it comes more easily. You will begin to express more compassion and kindness. Noticing, remembering and reflecting on moments when you are thankful will significantly increase you well-being and life satisfaction.
Do it now. Do it often. Do it every day.

Practicing the Discipline of Gratitude starts with simple mindfulness - with that moment when you notice something pleasing. It doesn’t have to be huge or life changing - though it can be. Be thankful for a delicious cup of coffee, a kind word at the right moment or all the colors of the sunrise. As you move through your day, that gratitude helps to regulate moods, to decrease aggression and frustration while promoting happy energy and positivity.

The benefits of the Discipline of Gratitude take time but produce a lasting effect on the brain. By acknowledging our gratitude, we unshackle from our toxic emotions. We can’t hold both at the same time. As a result, our mental health and our physical health improve. You will sleep better. Your immune system will improve. With gratitude, we are able to deal with adversity, to overcome obstacles and build emotional resilience.

Each day, every day holds many gifts. Each day, every day holds moments of wonder and beauty. Notice and Be Thankful.

Gratitude deserves time and practice.

Try some of these out today and see how they work for you:

"I appreciate what you did."
"Thank you for thinking of me."
"Thank you for your time today."
"I value and respect your opinion."
"I am so thankful for what you did."
"I wanted to take the time to thank you."
"I really appreciate your help."
"Your kind words warmed my heart."

Practice the Discipline of Gratitude. It is a gift that keeps on giving.


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