Gratitude Meditation


Today, we'd like to share a gratitude meditation, a way to reconnect to the happiness within.

So for a short while, let's just take some time to relax into the blessings of the season. And with this guided meditation, we bring forth gratitude. And we're going to put all our attention on what we have to be thankful for that a deeper level, time to reconnect to the happiness that is literally a part of our inherent nature. The truth is, gratitude is a natural thing for most of us in this autumn season.

Some of us making gratitude lists to share what we're grateful for the Thanksgiving table. You know, there are a myriad of ways we can express our thanks throughout this season, and hopefully, the entire year. The truth is, gratitude starts from within. And before you can express gratitude in an authentic way. It's important to connect to all the goodness in your life in your own heart first. This gratitude meditation can set your day on a new course it can place your entire life on a different trajectory.

So for a brief moment, allow this meditation to mingle with your heart, your thoughts, open you up to a deeper happiness and let it expand again through this season and beyond. Now, before we start, I want you to get settled, get into a nice comfortable position that will allow you to feel relaxed but also alert. You can sit on the floor or a chair. Just be sure to sit in a way that your spine can be long and upright. And try to eliminate disruptions distractions, just for this brief, precious time. When you're settled, take a deep cleansing breath. As you exhale, I want you to just simply soften your eyes. Close your eyes if you feel comfortable, or simply turn your gaze downward. Just breathe. 

Click the icon below to download and listen to this Gratitude Meditation. I'd love to hear how it went for you. This is a practice I encourage people to do as often as possible, see where you can work it into your day!

With Love,

Donna Lee


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