Spring - Awaken Your Senses Meditation


As we get ready to change from winter to spring, I wonder what is the first thing you notice?

The initial signs of spring may be subtle. The sunrise is a little earlier and climbs a little higher into the sky. But then I look to the tree line. I see the slight orange and red thickening of the first heart buds along a melt off runnel in the woods. The skunk cabbage emerges fully formed from under the snow at a still half frozen vernal pool. I hear that duck like croaking of the wood frog. And the birds those eight those ancient harbingers of spring the honking V formation of passing east, the first fallout of robins, the noisy murmuration of starlings, grackles in red winged blackbirds.

It is spring and all around the world is wakening and it's time to reawaken the senses. From ancient times, the vernal equinox has been heralded as a sign to spring into action, the equinox when the length of the day equals the length of the night, it is a time to prepare in our earliest free history. This spring thaw was a time to migrate or to hunt.

As we settled into agrarian societies, it became a time to prepare the soil for planting. And today as we seek to reawaken our senses, as we seek to understand our bodies and ourselves better, let us align body mind and spirit to the rhythms of nature. Welcome the coming spring, take this time, be ready for for what comes next. Invite it, invite it in through your skin. You know here in New England where I live, the melting snow produces little creeks and run offs. And as I walk along my path through the woods, I hear the trickling of one of those babbling brooks harmonise harmonizing with the calls of the Blue Jays, the juncos, chickadees the titmouse, they have accompanied me here all winter, but today they sound different. Their calls are animated today they are busy. The season is changing and they know it. The little flecks of grain the first emerging cat Kim's the smell in the air. I take a full Deep Breath of the still chilly air and it fills me.

Good, good, good.

The season is changing and I know it to all around the woods breathes life and I take it in my body awakens my mind is full yet still and calm. My spirit is renewed this moment. This walk through the woods. This acknowledgement of the coming spring brings me fully to each of my senses.
I am ready to face the coming challenges.

There's an old saw that I heard from my grandfather Perhaps you've heard it too. March comes in like a lion and goes out like the lamb.
Rising Leo yields to Aries the Lion of winter really lends to the Lamb of spring and with the return of spring and the release of winters grip, we feel hope even in the lions shadow there remains the promise of the returning lamb.

Now it is time to make ready.
Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal.
It is a coming
time to move.
Clean the house. Prepare for planting
till the soil clear the board
Wash, rake the yard,
build your personal oasis.
Taste it in the air. And as you do tune in to the sounds of the world around you
and the roar of the lion, here a prelude to the symphony of rebirth. Now is the time for joyful anticipation.
You have seen the first signs. What will you notice next?
Have an absolutely fantastic day
and most importantly
keep shining


sonja Bergeron

I needed to hear you, Donna Lee. Thank you. :) 

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Linda Dickinson

Thank you Donna.  I really needed to hear your voice.  The calm that You bring to all of us is wonderful..

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