Celebrating The Song Of Summer


Now summer is in flower and natures hum is never silent...

In his “Shepards Calendar”, Poet John Clare recalls that buzzing song of a summer day: “The green wood fly and the blossom painting bee are never weary of their melody...”

Today, I invite you to celebrate the song of summer, for natures hum is never silent. Where do you hear it? From the early morning calling birds? the june bugs on the screen? the rippling of a brook?

It is summer. In the yard, baby bunnies munch on new grass. Robins peck the ground for an early morning worm. Hummingbirds buzz around the flowers.

The days are long. The civil twilight bright long before the sunrises. And the nights - lit by the strawberry moon - are magical. The trees are fully leafed out and taking advantage of the plentiful sunlight - providing cover to the numerous singing birds.

And as the world around us is alive and breathing - it is time for us to recharge. And so open up and let it in through your senses - summer is here. Move with the flow of nature. This is a time for spiritual healing and balance. June invites you to get out and feel the earth. From the full strawberry super moon until the sun stays still in the sky at solstice, Feel the energy of the earth. Let it in through your feet, through your skin. Breath it in and align yourself with the healing flow - body, mind and spirit.

Love is the spiritual center of the Strawberry moon. Move into that center and feel the love around you. Now, in this moment. In the stillness. Be grateful for this time. This opportunity. This moment. Think and thank. What are you grateful for today?

Take time to forgive yourself. This is where the healing begins and so often, our self perception is what holds us back. Forgiveness does not free you from the consequences or responsibilities of your past actions but it does allow you to separate from the burden of pain and trauma. Self forgiveness allows you to make a deeper connection with your truth, free from the immediate emotional reaction. Forgive yourself.

Now free from that pain, move forward. Let this moment of clarity, this moment of emotional purity become the seed of a tree of forgiveness. Let that forgiveness spread out from you into the world - like a wave of emotional diplomacy - until you forgive anyone who has ever done you any harm. Free yourself the emotional baggage of fear, hate, anger and lies. And while your forgiveness does not exempt anyone from personal responsibility or the consequences of their actions, it frees you from the pain and trauma associated with those actions so that you can move forward.

Spiritual healing begins when we are open to the rhythms of nature. We, like the seasons, are always changing. When we let go and go with the flow of our lives, we move towards our true vocation. The energy of summer moons is empowering. It is an ambitious energy. Use it. Examine your longterm goals, your family life and your legacy. This is the time of amplified dreams. Let your hidden thoughts and ideas come to the forefront. It is a time for self examination. Time to evaluate. To shed, to release and to let go of those thoughts, feelings and emotions that hold you back.

The Super moon occurs when the moon is closest to the earth. It is a time of hyperactivity and nighttime energy. It’s not just the brightness and radiation but also the gravity. The super moon pulls the oceans to some of the highest tides of the year and it has an affects you too. Feel the strength rise like a tide in you. The power to make meaningful changes.

Now breathe. Be aware of the rhythms of your body. Check your emotions. Check your attitude. Release any unnecessary tension. Come home to the heart. Emerge, Engage. Feel to the rhythms of the world all around you.


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