August Meditation - Your Circadian Rhythm


Today we're going to take a moment to explore our circadian rhythm and the effect it has on our health the effect it has on our overall wellness. The fact is, creating habits for health and wellness can be daunting. However, establishing a daily routine can help to connect our bodies to the rhythms of nature. And when we establish and maintain daily routines, we experience a myriad of health benefits. It can enhance our cognitive functioning and balance our moods. It can aid in overcoming daytime sleepiness and improve our performance. A healthy daily routine can help combat heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even some cancers. These are facts. So we want to establish a routine that allows you to take advantage of the best times for waking, exercising, bathing, meditation and or prayer meals, steady work and relaxation. In this short meditation today, I look at some of the elements of a daily routine. And then we can begin to apply them to our lives.

In the most befitting this arrangement and flow may or may not match the flow of events and your day. But you may rearrange the elements to meet the demands of your daily routine, your daily schedule. And I want to begin to just take a moment to connect and to clarify. And when I say connect, I mean connecting to your perfect body.

In this meditation, we explore Box Breathing and we dive deeper into our own rhythms and how we can use them create health and wellbeing in all areas of our lives!


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