September Meditation: Welcome, Fall


Right now we're getting ready for a change of season. Our beautiful fantastic summer is coming to an end. Many people, many people mourn the passing of the summer. A common prescription for the Fall funk is often to abuse our body with sugars and hot chocolates, pumpkin pies and spices associated with the seasons and holidays. That seems to be how we find comfort.

I offer a different perspective. There are many many wonderful plus sides of the fall season. But it can really be difficult to see that when we're in that funk. So right now I want you to allow yourself to open your mind and we're going to step into the positive feelings of this incredible time as the seasons change. Maybe this year you can avoid letting this season pull you down. It's important to reconnect to what's real the earth we live on beyond our our jobs, our daily chaos. It's a time to consider nature and her rhythms -- true alignment. 

During fall, the weather begins to chill. All when the leaves turn and shed trees the earth enters a state of hibernation. Rest. That's what nature knows how to do. And it prepares, rejuvenates, restores. When spring arrives, everything re-emerges brighter, bolder, well rested. So in this moment in this meditation, let's realign ourselves with the earth -- a preparation for this change in the season to align yourself with the very rhythm of autumn.

What leaves can you shed this season? What can you get rid of things you don't need anymore? And as the Earth slows down and Mother Nature slows down, in what ways are you planning to rest or reset?

This meditation will help you create a space in your life to bring your power your magic full forward into let it unfold:




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